Enduro – Bee

Evolved from earlier drone Bee, Enduro is a delta-wing, lightweight (2.5kg), hand-launch,  fully-autonomous drone for aerial surveying and precision agriculture. It carries Emlid RTK GPS sensor, a canon IXUS 185 camera or a multi-spectral sensor. Enduro lands using a parachute. It can fly around 40 minutes at 50 kmph.


Battery10000mAh (LIFe) 14.8V (4S)
Radio Link Range1.5Km
Cameras(supplied)Canon IXUX175(21Mp)
Cameras(optional)Parrot sequia
Camera Gimble1 axis (Roll Stabilization)
Cruise speed12ms-1
Wind resistance10ms-1
Max. flight time50min
Max. flight range33Km
Hand launchYes
LandingParachute Landing(Recommended) Belly Landing (optional)
Ground control pointsOptional
GSD3cm @ 120m altitude
Coverage7km@ 400m altitude
GPS Accuracy0.5m without RTK 3cm With RTK

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