Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (RISL)

RISL, carries out robotics research across a wide range. Mobile robot self-localization, Robot manipulator trajectory planning, IoT-RFID based Fruit monitoring system, NBIOT elephent tracking collar, Energy saving for air conditioner systems, Telepresence robot development, Underwater robot communication and localization, Compliant manipulation, Voice control interface for machines, Anti-personal mine detection and classification, and more recently started on-orbit manipulation are the type of research that are underway at the RISL. Many projects on pure tech development are also carried out such as Sensor network for blind people to self-navigate, Elevator control system for blind people, Remote monitoring and control systems for water supply and purification stations, Autonomous wheelchair development.

RISL is a busy place where post graduate and undergraduate preojects are conducted at all times. RISL houses a range of equipment including, a 3D printer, a CNC milling, a CNC Lathe, a thermal forming machine, an air compressor, a cut-off saw, a welding plant, soldering station, power tools, power supplies, oscillaocopes, and signal genertors.