Main Features Of The SPARK Raspberry Pi Community

  • Demonstrating to the industry and society the capability of the ENTC by building core competencies and demonstrating the abilities of Raspberry Pi platform to a wider audience beyond the university

  • Run 3 Raspberry JAMs every academic year teaching Pi enthusiasts about the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi platform.

  • Enhancing the capabilities of high school teachers by undertaking ICT training.

  • Participation in the Raspberry Pi Community will be encouraged for all year groups

There are a number of supportive activities to ensure a productive and smooth running of the SPARK Community:

  • A fully worked up team entirely consisting of ENTC - E-Club members will manage the activities associated with both the SPARK Raspberry Pi Community

  • A full marketing campaign directed at Raspberry Pi users and others interested in the platform or developments associated with that platform; ensuring targeted messaging to the SPARK Raspberry Pi Community about the developments being undertaken at ENTC

Teacher Training Programme

A major project aimed at providing significant assistance to Sri Lanka was initiated by the Spark branch. The Spark branch collaborated with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Education to conduct a "Teacher Training" programme that aimed to equip advanced-level IT teachers with Machine Learning knowledge, which will be highly beneficial for good teaching practices. Teachers had the opportunity to learn about the basic principles of machine learning throughout the project, which will help them to have a solid foundation in this field and expand that knowledge after the project is completed. The course was broken up into six three-day sessions. Of those six sessions, three were devoted to imparting theoretical knowledge, and the remaining three to assisting the teachers in gaining practical experience with the scope. The department's instructors led the theoretical discussions. The undergraduates in their final year led the practical sessions. After completion of the three-day course, teachers were awarded with certificates as a token of appreciation.

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