SPARK will expose ENTC undergraduates to a set of challenges not made available in any other university students in Asia, Europe, or the Americas. This unique project will not only provide a platform to develop and nurture innovative ideas to solve real-world problems, but also develop some of the soft and hard skill sets required by undergraduates to be effective leaders and consummate professionals in the modern day industry.


To build a Community: by exploiting the extensive Raspberry Pi resources available; by innovating and creating technology demonstrators that showcase the capability of the students to provide solutions in industrial, commercial and environmental settings. In using the experience; teaching peers and high school teachers about computer science is a key aspect of the project.

A Challenge for students to produce unique, novel products and services that mitigate the detrimental impact of Climate Change and for these solutions to be recognised and celebrated.

In participating in the above programs undergraduates will develop important soft skills required in the modern day workplace; allowing a better class of undergraduates to enter the employment market.


The SPARK Challenge will reward groups of students that create unique, innovative, sustainable, and socially/environmentally aware solutions; the results potentially having significant positive transformative impact on society, industry, and the wider environment. The project will endeavour to nurture, drive, and sustain innovation and originality by the introduction of Raspberry Pi into ENTC; creating an environment that allows for play and experimentation. The motivation for the challenge can be Main.


  • The challenge is expected to run in each of the academic year with teams 4 working together to deliver solutions.

  • Any computing platform be it mobile, handheld, portable, standalone or otherwise can be used to as the basis of the challenge entry.

There are a number of supportive activities to ensure a productive and smooth running of the SPARK Challenge:
  • A fully worked up team entirely consisting of ENTC - E-Club members will manage the activities associated with SPARK Challenge.

  • A full marketing campaign directed at undergraduates, postgraduates, and academic staff at Moratuwa University with the intention of raising awareness and seeking long-term support for the SPARK Challenge.

  • The delivery of 8 online workshops to facilitate the delivery of the Modern Design Principles in support of the SPARK Challenge. 25 facilitators will be trained to take these principles deeper into the department and to all individuals associated with the challenge.

  • The program will ensure that all first/second year students will have the opportunity to understand the principles associated with United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) with the intentions that these principles will be deeply embedded into the culture of ENTC