Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Thusitha Chandrapala '12

At the very beginning, when I entered the University of Mortuwa, I had a clear plan to enter into the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. The reason behind was that ENTC is the pathway towards many interesting advanced engineering fields such as Communications, Biomedical, Signal processing, Machine learning. 

Once selected to the department there were many advantages. We were guided by a set of well qualified and competent staff members. Research and industry oriented atmosphere was always there, which is adaptive to the current environment. The curriculum was also interesting and challenging and focused on building up on the mathematical and computational skills. One of the key factors was the industry collaboration which provides the students with unique opportunities to work in research environments within their study period (Zone24x7, Dialog and Biomedical Engineering Labs).

I’m currently a PhD student focusing on Computational neuroscience. I worked at Zone 24x7 as an intern and after graduation. I studied at Royal College, Colombo before entering the University of Moratuwa.