Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Janaka Senarathna '09

ENTC at UoM is the best place in the country to learn two fascinating fields of engineering, telecommunications and electronics. My passion for mathematics and electronics drove me to select ENTC among other departments. And the range of courses offered enabled me to benefit from a balanced knowledge about multiple fields.

At ENTC there is a broad range of subjects covering many areas of interest and they emphasis on developing the thinking pattern rather than burden students with too much course work. There is a general trend for students to be involved in extracurricular activities. I led a very active role at the Rotaract Club of UoM while carrying out my studies normally. The faculty gives encouragement and support to explore broader career prospects. This empowered me to use electronics and mathematics as a tool and venture into biomedical engineering; a field non-existent in Sri Lanka as of then, eventually enabling me to secure a position at a prestigious biomedical engineering research university in USA. This broadening of horizons simply changed my life.

Several months into our final year project, we were at a terrible standstill. It was as if everything was stuck and not working, with no clue as to what to be done. And we stayed stuck for quite a while! This was the time where faith in ourselves and team effort were tested to the maximum. While we had to make practical compromises, we came through victorious in the end. Bottomline: do dare to go out of your comfort zone, that’s when wonderful things happen. But, remember to be smart and not smash your head against a stone wall. At ENTC, I got a taste of this balance, a lesson that keeps aiding me even today.

I was the Gold medalist and joint recipient of Prof. Dayantha S. Wijesekera award for the most outstanding graduate award (2008). Currently I am a Doctoral student in biomedical engineering, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA.

The department is challenging and fun. The department offers variety, and to reap the best benefits you need to be passionate. If you are interested in electronics or in signal processing, this is the best place in the country. Just go for it!