Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

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Life at ENTC

The students walking down the corridors at the department can always be seen with a smile on their faces, for the life at ENTC is an enjoyable experience for all. At the department we teach the students to balance their academics with many other activities, paving the path to be well groomed professionals in the near future. 

Throughout the year, the department is filled with music, drama, adventures and laughter. Of course the students have to adhere to the strict rules in laboratories and lecture halls, but outside that boundary, many are the activities the students organize and take part in.

One big family

Everybody at the department is a part of one big family. The freshmen and the seniors are best friends. The staff and the students are friendly. No student will ever feel alone or troubled at the department. The students always help each other and the members of the staff are ever ready to guide the inexperienced.

Adventures and Trips

The students never miss a chance to go out on an adventure or an outing. Sri Lanka being a country full of culture, heritage, history and natural beauty the places to visit are endless. It is currently a trend of the students to hike and conquer the many mountains in the country and to go on camping trips. The thirst for adventures among the students makes their memory albums at the department more and more colourful.

Music and Drama 

Many activities are held throughout the year bringing music into the department. The students in spite of their high academic performances, own much talent in acting, singing and playing instruments. All these hidden talents are showcased at these festive occasions. 

It’s not just the department activities, the students actively take part in. University of Moratuwa is the home of a number of sports and various clubs and organizations. The students take part in these activities, balancing their academic work and strengthening their characters.