Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

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Careers Ahead

The students stepping out as graduates from the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering have a wide spectrum of career opportunities to choose from. They either go into the industry as engineers, and practice the skills they acquired or they go into research and development. Some of the graduates open windows to other disciplines and go into areas such as management.  The numbers of graduates who go into higher studies are also remarkable. Some of them pursue higher degrees soon after graduating while the rest get experience in the industry before entering into further studies.   

The department, with its excellent curriculum and other activities groom the students to be professionals and hence the industry in Sri Lanka awaits each year till the final year students pass out. Within three months of passing out, 99.2%of our students manage to secure their future. 

Over the last decade, large networks of cellular, satellite and data communication have been introduced to Sri Lanka, providing state-of-the-art services. Organizations providing traditional communication services are expanding, looking beyond voice and data communication and incorporating modern technologies into their systems. Our graduates entering the industry as Telecommunication Engineers have a vast number of choices in selecting their careers.

Although, Sri Lankan electronics industry is relatively at infancy, increasing opportunities are observed as organizations focus more and more on automation; system integration; etc. The trend has been anticipated from the beginning and well met by the department. At the department, we have diversified its electronics and automation fields to include emerging fields such as biomedical engineering, robotics, reconfigurable hardware, chip design, intelligent machines, aeronautics and computer vision. Thus, an increasing number of our graduates start their career as Electronic Engineers.

The software industry in Sri Lanka is rapidly expanding and an increasing number of our graduates have found a firm footing in this market. With the advent of technologies such as cloud computing and smart phones many of the companies are moving towards telecommunication related software development. These markets are held by our graduates.

Entrepreneurship is currently an interesting topic among the students. We have witnessed both the graduates and the undergraduates initiating companies and working on developing and marketing their own products. The competitions held at both national and international level help the potential entrepreneurs to identify their abilities and improve their talents in the field.

Many of our graduates show enthusiasm in working with research and development. They work with universities worldwide or with manufacturers. The research done at the department, builds the foundation for their careers. 

Furthermore with the excellent reputation at the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa, the graduates get a lot of opportunities of doing higher studies. They either choose to remain at our department or go abroad to complete their degrees.