Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Postgraduate Labs

Postgraduate Laboratory

The Postgraduate laboratory is equipped with a variety of modern industrial devices and equipment such as logic analyzers, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers and programmable LCR meters. Pushing the department to its limits, postgraduate lab is highly utilized for most innovative technological researches with its state of the art equipment. Industry Instrument testing, designing and consultancy services are done in the Postgraduate Laboratory.

UAV Research Laboratory

UAV Research Laboratory facilitates both undergraduate and postgraduate research and development of unmanned ariel vehicles. The students working at the laboratory have developed fixed wing and multi-rotor helicopters which has state of the art technologies.  

Machine Vision Lab 

This laboratory provides the infrastructure for research related to Image Processing and Machine Vision. The laboratory has  high power computational environment such as Nvidia Tesla Server, multi processor workstations and Nvidia GeForce GPUs.