Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Abhina 2018

History will record another episode of the big event ‘Abhina 2018’, the showcase of aesthetic talents of students of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. It was held with much glamour on the eve of 9th of May 2018 at the Civil auditorium with the presence of the chief guest Mr. Sarath Kothalawala, a renowned artist, the Vice Chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Prof. K.K.C.K Perera and many Professors, senior lecturers and academic staff.

The auditorium was overflowing with the enthusiastic crowd from all over the university to witness the talents of their fellow batchmates from ENTC. It was an enormous opportunity for the students to let out their talents flow freely to an amazingly large audience which was also a breakaway from all the tension and strains of competitive and hectic day to day lives biased towards academic mind maps.

The evening wore off magically in the bliss of talented performers taking on the stage one after the other. The entire evening was filled with surprises, let it be the way an item was presented or a fascinating dance or a fun filled drama simply gluing the eyes of the spectators on to the stage for few hours. It was a gallant mix of both humor and emotion in due proportions.

As it is always, this event is a result of the combined effort of all the batches currently in the department who have worked in unison day and night to put together such an awe filled evening. While the performers did their best on stage, there were many who worked behind the curtains to make this a success. One such huge commitment displayed in full view and thus admired heavily by everyone was the gigantic backdrop on stage, a creation of two extremely talented artists of the level 2 batch.

And one fascinating event, ‘Abhina 2018’ marked its end with the loud applause of the mesmerized audience.