Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Message from the Head of the Department


Welcome to the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. Since 1969 talented students like you have walked the path that you are about to embark on. Conscientious academic work that lays a thorough foundation of principles, creativity, real-world problem solving, technology leadership, curricular activities and professionalism will make you reach the goals that your predecessors achieved. In doing so, you will become either a professional engineer, an achiever who would lead organizations or technology leaders who would champion novel technologies. All these are for the benefit of the citizens of our country and the body of knowledge that drives the world. In view of this, I wish you the strength and determination to fully engage with the program that we offer with an outlook that reaches the real world of engineering.


There are two Bachelor of the Science of Engineering programs that we offer: Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. In each program, you will start with the fundamental theoretical concepts in the early semesters, reaching to system-level knowledge and skill in the final semesters. I encourage you to see each course module as a building block of the structure that would make you an engineering scientist. When taking such a course module, you must inquire on your own how it would fit in this large structure. Try to make a connection between the course module at hand and what you have already learnt. Ask questions as to how this would make you one of the engineers a professional, achiever, or a technology leader when you join the world of work or research. The course modules and the program itself will become meaningful and enjoyable if you adopt the mindset that I just described. 


In order to make your stay meaningful and fruitful, there is a faculty of highly talented and resourceful academics in the department.  The main tasks the academic staff members have to play are teaching to share with you the knowledge that they have, carrying out research to contribute to the body of knowledge, and some administrative work. All of these benefits you. Your level of engagement in the knowledge dissemination process-preparation at home, active participation in lectures will encourage them to be more enthusiastic in teaching you. Your keen interest in discussions outside the classroom and the continuation of research projects that they manage will pave the way for you to start research-oriented work. Fully benefitting from the teaching, and engaging in research work with academic staff members will mold you into the engineering scientist would be fruitful in the society. 


Toward this goal of making your mark in the society, you must identify your key performance indicators. I can suggest you some: a good grade-point average supplemented by extra-curricular work and sports, research publications in good conferences and journals, making relationships with academic staff members and industry, and having a spectacular curriculum vita that list a number of industry- and research-relevant skills and significant projects. The Department, its facilities, academic and non-academic staff members are there to assist you in achieving these performance targets. 


Along with the staff of the Department, I will you all the best in reaching these targets and becoming the engineering scientist that you are determined to become.