Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

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Department History

Established in 1969, the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering is unique in Sri Lanka, in offering a B.Sc. Engineering degree in this specialization.

In April 2003, the department moved to its new building from the earlier location in the Sumanadasa building. The majestic four storied building in the east-side of the University is affectionately known as the ‘tronic buildilng’ and is very much loved by the students due to the modern facilities. The new facility, costing 100 million Rupees, was funded by the Government of Sri Lanka. Laboratory facilities were simultaneously enhanced with a JICA grant worth of 509 million Yen. The enhancements paved way to increase the annual intake of undergraduates: immediately to 80; subsequently to 100. It also made feasible, the expansion of postgraduate courses and research programs in the areas of: Antennas and Propagation, Speech and Image Processing, Industrial and Medical Electronics, RF Communications, Intelligent Transport Systems, Semiconductor Materials and Optical Communications.