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Time Keeping for Public Transport Services

Monitoring of time of arrival and departure of buses at major bus stops is presently done by a human timekeeper. In most cases it has been observed that such individuals purposely falsify these records, resulting in a poor service to commuters and poor utilization of buses and human resources.

A network of wireless sensors is proposed to record the time of arrival of buses at specified waypoints along their route. The basic idea is for low cost, RF capable sensor modules to be placed near selected bus stop (stationary nodes) as well as on the buses (mobile nodes).As the bus passes by, or stops, the arrival time and the identity of the bus stop will be detected and recorded by the stationary nodes. This will then be uploaded via the GSM network – by way of SMS or GPRS – to a central server by the stationary nodes. The server will record the arrival time of buses on a database, which can be viewed by the authorities as necessary. Alternatively the mobile nodes can be equipped with a GPS (thereby eliminating the requirement for stationary nodes).

The sensor network built can be used in various other future projects that can vary from environmental monitoring and factory automation to personal area networks.


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