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Automated Rain Fall Monitoring System

The objectives of the automated rainfall measurement system are to enhance the weather forecasting systems with timely rainfall data by integrating current weather forecasts systems with real-time measurements and to provide accurate and timely rainfall information for agriculture and disaster prevention / warning / management.
The figure above illustrates the various components of the system. Remote stations are solar-powered electronic rainfall measurement stations with a cellular radio interface and remote configurability. The Central Station consists of a communications component to receive and store rainfall information and an analyzer component to analyze and display data. There can be a large number of remote stations communicating with the central station.

The rainfall information collected by the remote station is transferred using SMS (Short Message Service) to the central station. The data transfer is initiated either by the remote station or by a request from the central station. The information received is stored in a database at the central station which can then be accessed via the Internet, and the data analyzed.


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