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A Three Way Partnership

The Dialog-University of Moratuwa Mobile Communications Research Laboratory is set up as a three-way partnership between Dialog Telekom, the University of Moratuwa and its industrial research arm, Uni-Consultancy Services (UNIC).

What Dialog Brings into the Partnership...

Dialog Telekom, Sri Lanka’s flagship cellular service provider, is a fully owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia. It has spearheaded the mobile industry in Sri Lanka since the late ‘ 90s propelling it to a technology level on par with the developed world. Dialog Telekom, an ISO 9001 certified company, operates a 2.5G GSM Network supporting the very latest in multimedia and mobile internet services. Its local coverage spans all nine provinces with over 410 base stations while international roaming is provided in 177 countries. Dialog Telekom, the largest and fastest growing cellular service in Sri Lanka, currently provides services to a subscriber base in excess of 3 Million.

Leading from its signature The Future Today as applied to the development of future generations of Sri Lankan to world class standards, Dialog Telekom has consistently supported academic excellence in the field of telecommunications

  • Access to latest technology
  • Experience and expertise in deploying new technology
  • Commercial thinking
  • Industry touch to identify viable projects
  • A subscriber base as a test-bed for new developments
  • Capability to liaise with industry at international level
  • Systems and procedures in line with latest product development standards

What University of Moratuwa Brings into the Partnership...

In recognition of telecommunications as a national priority, the facilities of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering have been recently enhanced and expanded through grant aid worth over Rs. 500 Million from the Government of Sri Lanka and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

  • Academic excellence and creative thinking
  • Capability to focus on detailed design, prototyping and testing
  • Capability to liaise with international academic and research bodies
  • Capability to reward research with academic qualifications

What UNIC Brings into the Partnership...

Uni Consultancy services (UNIC) is a company registered under the Registrar of Companies functioning to serve the Industry with flexibility to meet market demands. This venture is a good example of how UNIC is expected to facilitate interaction between the university and the industry.

  • The flexibility for the University to work effectively with industry

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