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Pilot Trial of eleAlert at Palwatta Sugar Industries Ltd. [20th of September]

mToken goes live with Dialog EZTicket at savoy and Liberty Cinemas [19th of August]


International Conferene on Industrial and Information Systems [28th - 31st December 2009]

Pilot Trial of eleAlert at Wasgomuwa [14th of September]

Nenasa Launch [20th of July 2009]


National Science Foundation Awards 2008 [11th of November]

International Information Technology Conference (IITC) - 2008 [29th of October]

National Conference on Geoinformatics Applications, Sri Lanka 2008 [16th of October]


Presentation by IEEE Award Winning Scholars [14th June]

ERU Monthly Research Dissemination Program [15th March]

DEWN shortlisted for GSM world awards


Workshop for DMC District Coordinators

DEWN - DMC MoU signing

NSF Awards [10th November]

BCS NBQSA Awards [October]

3GSM Asia Awards [October]

Digital Bridge Pilot Launch [28th April]


New Laboratory Premises [27th of June]

Base Station Update [5th of April]

Official Web Site Goes Live [3rd of January]


Opening for Research [1st December]

The Press Conference [11th August] Gallery

The Landmark Agreement [27th July] Gallery


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