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Automatic Network Monitoring Tool (NetMoni)

The aim of the project is to develop a system for automatic measurement and analysis of Dialog’s mobile network parameters. The tool eliminates the need for human intervention in measuring the performance of the mobile operator’s network. It can provide up-to-date network information and perform measurements, repetitively in time if necessary, allowing the comparison between previous and updated information related to network upgrades.

The figure above shows an overview of the NetMoni tool. The tool consists of a central server and fixed/mobile test units. The fixed test units may be located at network hot spots, and the mobile test units may be mounted on public facilities such as public transport vehicles. The test units contain an embedded GPS receiver to correlate measurements with geographic location. The test units continuously take network measurements on the air interface and report back to the server, together with time and location information via GPRS at regular intervals. Thus, the information at the server is able to provide an overview of the total network quality. This information may be analyzed statistically, displayed on appropriate geographical maps and replayed to simulate the actual measurement environment at the server. The test units are capable of operating on their own without a need for any user intervention. With the current implementation, users are able to view and analyse network information offline using the NetMoni Analyser. The NetMoni Monitoring Terminal allows online monitoring of network information.

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