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An inadequate monitoring and control method for a distributed system not only hinders the smooth and timely functionality of the system, but also consumes a lot of resources, from man power to time and money.

Dialog Telecom (pvt.) Ltd, as a largely distributed service provider in the country required such a monitoring system to monitor and control their Base stations.

This resulted in the development of "I-Moni"


    The remote stations are equipped with a specialized unit capturing information from different sensors. (eg: Temperature, Humidity ,Fuel level)

    These units periodically transmit information of the sensors to a central station.  Threshold levels are set for each sensing quantity and an alarm is generated if this falls outside the operational range. The alarms are sent to different persons via email or SMS, reinforcing the follow up actions to the alarms.

The Remote Monitoring and Controlling is done by a website with the assistance of a server.




The website allows the alarms to be viewed in real time with provision to acknowledge events and add comments of the corrective measures taken.
The System is developed in such a manner that it may easily be adopted to any remote monitoring system.

 This product won the National Science and Technology Award in 2008 in the Category “Engineering Product Development”

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