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Elephant Intrusion Early Warning System

The eleAlert (Elephant intrusion early warning system) is an innovation based on the requirements presented by the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society.

The human-elephant conflict has caused much damage to life and property in Sri Lanka over a long period of time.

To prevent elephants from encroaching villages around wildlife conservations, electric fences have been in use. However, on many occasions the elephants invade the villages by either breaking the wire or ramming the poles connecting the wire. The eleAlert monitors this protective fence surrounding the village. The system detects damages and sends alerts to the maintenance crew via the mobile communication network. This assists in the speedy repairing of the fence while at the same time notify the villagers to take required precautions against a possible affliction .

A set of sensors custom-designed to detect shocks and tilts are fixed on the posts of the fence and are connected to an alert generating unit covering length of 1 km of the fence.

The fence energizer end is equipped with a control unit, allowing remote switching on and off the fence for maintenance purposes.

The eleAlert is enhanced with remote monitoring and controlling of the fence activities with aid of a web based interface and a database.

eleAlert is a joint project between the Lab and the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society. A preliminary prototype was demonstrated at the Wasgomuwa National Park on 14th September 2009.



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