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Digital Bridge

The Digital Bridge (formerly Dialog Amity Science Net – DASNet, Dialog Distance Learning Network – DLN) project is a collaborative endeavour between Dialog Telekom and the Ministry of Education (MOE). It aims to create a model classroom in cyberspace using connectivity and Information Technology to facilitate Advanced Level Science education in the English medium in resource-starved areas. The objective of the project is to enable the establishment of virtual learning centers in selected remote schools on an experimental basis using electronic communication technologies such as Voice, Data and Video Conferencing.
Dialog-UoM Mobile Communications Research Laboratory develops the Technical Facility for this project.

The Technical Facility consists of:

    A Central Streaming Centre (CSC) located in a school from where live audio/video resources originate.

  • A Streaming Server (SS) located at a selected Dialog Telekom premises for the delivery of content. At present Macromedia Flash Communication Server ver 1.5 is used as the Streaming Server.

  • A Content /Learning Management Platform. The content will be viewed with a web-based interface.

  • Required audio/visual facilities for the Remote School (RS)

  • The Content will be developed principally by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

  • Establishment of appropriate Connectivity is handled by Dialog Telekom.

A Learning Management System based on LAMP architecture was developed. Different categories of clients such as teachers, students and content developers can use the system. Content developers have features such as updating new content while teachers have the facility to change the subject content etc. Teachers can conduct live presentation sessions using the slides uploaded in the system, and broadcast live video via the streaming server. The students can participate in learning sessions and also access multimedia lecture material. The students can also participate in on-line quizzes, tests etc. and get evaluated. A client who chooses to become a broadcaster (Only certain clients such as teacher are allowed to broadcast) can use his default video camera connected to the PC to broadcast video through the broadcaster module. A client who chooses to become a receiver can view the broadcast from the LMS via the receiver module.




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