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To sustain a strong, commercially viable applied research and development base in the area of mobile communications, providing state of the art training and research.


To be a regionally recognized Center of Excellence in selected areas of R&D that underpin Mobile Telecommunication and Internet technologies.

To develop strong relationships with similar research bodies and industries that possess R&D capabilities for cross fertilization.

To create and maintain a specialized skill base in telecommunications and allied technologies.

The Future

Collaboration and participation of university, industry, government, international funding agencies and international/standards organizations.

Develop innovative products and services based on
▪present technologies
▪leading-edge technologies for future markets

Diffuse technologies through
▪commercialization vehicles
▪educational programmes
▪specialized training delivered to undergraduates, graduates and industry

Develop an internationally recognized base of expertise in mobile technologies in the medium and long run

Establish the UoM and Dialog as leaders in uplifting the R&D capability in communications in Sri Lanka

Activities Envisaged

Applications and related product and content development
International collaboration
Postgraduate research programmes
Solution building and service provision/management
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