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Subscription Based Live Video Streaming Service

The primary objective of this project is to develop a generic subscription based video streaming platform which supports any type of streaming application where users need to subscribe to watch the desired live audio/video streams. The audio/video streaming platform should be easily customizable for a service provider to give any type of commercial service to the customers.


The system consists of three main entities:
Media Streaming System (MSS),
Network of IP cameras
A number of web based clients.

The MSS is the core system component which basically receives audio and video feeds from cameras and streams them to the clients. In addition, all the authorization, system management and user session handling functions are carried out by MSS.

The clients can connect to the web interface integrated to the MSS from their browser and log in to the service and view subscribed channels (video streams). The connectivity from IP cameras to the MSS can be achieved through any type of IP network which provides sufficient bandwidth for the transport of video.

System Features:

Subscription based access

- User requirements (cameras to view, privilege level, required functionalities) given at subscription

- Make the platform adoptable for a variety of different applications

Web Access to the System

- Can extend support for Mobile customers

Security through encryption of video streams

- Subscribers can optionally request secured streams

- Ability to provide different grades (levels) of security

Ability to plug and use IP cameras of various models

- Any MPEG-4 camera supporting standard protocols can be connected

- Administrators can dynamically add/remove cameras from the platform


Camera pan/tilt control via the web interface

SIP based Session Handling

- Subscribers can be billed based on usage


- Distributed architecture

- Serving subscribers through multiple streaming servers

Recording of streams at server side

- Privileged subscribers can define schedule for recording from each camera

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